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Hello my name is Dori Garner with Allcity. I am a Texas REALTOR and a trusted real estate consultant in the North Austin surrounding areas and recognized as a Cedar Park/Leander listing specialist with a proven track record.   On this page you will be able to review my background, bio, work history, industry experience, credentials, community involvement, client services and my past client testimonials.  
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 It is an exciting time for making new memories!  My commitment to every client is to be invested in your goals by listening to your needs and providing honest communication.  I will always review all the facts  so you feel good about the choices you make.    Whether you are shutting old doors or you are opening new ones, this present time is going to be AMAZING!  From my family to yours, Cheers!  Dori, Bryan, Ambri, Jacob.



To authentically cultivate relationships with compassion and build trust organically in real estate with VALUE.



Dori Garner, Realtor and Associate Broker, 2020

Background in real estate:

Dori is a seasoned full time agent and received her real estate license in 2003. She started in commercial office leasing in 2003, and then became a licensed residential assistant in 2005.  She became a full time residential agent in 2008. She moved to the Austin area after graduating from SWT in San Marcos and has been living in the Austin area for almost 25 years.

Before real estate: 

Dori Garner was in sales/marketing, a home stager and a child care instructor/counselor which really has been an added bonus with her client care. Growing up, her father owned a family construction business in San Antonio. Being around the home building process definitely inspired Dori's love for real estate.

Specialties in real estate

Dori specializes in serving both sellers and buyers for the areas of NW Austin, Cedar Park/Leander, Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville and Liberty Hill.  She also specializes working with builders!   She has experience working all over the city. Dori goes where ever her referral family takes her. She also has a strong referral agent network so you are in the best of hands.  She can be an RE resource for you.

When Dori is not doing real estate:

 She loves spending time with her husband Bryan, and there two kids Ambri and Jacob. They enjoy volunteering with community, attending Gateway church, visiting family, going on family vacations anywhere and learning about investing in real estate together. Collaborating professionally with clients and other professionals, demonstrating polished communication skills and maintaining a continual focus on good character; Dori has been recognized as an admirable trusted real estate advisor.



In Real Estate it is a forever changing market.  I have a passion to keep learning and growing in my strengths but also keep developing my weaknesses.   ASSOCIATE BROKER's LICENSE is coming soon in 2020!

●     Bachelors of Arts degree from SWT

●     Home Staging Consultant - Posses an incredible unique eye for home decor, home staging to sell, decluttering and furniture spacing.

●     Graduated Ninja RE training-2017

●    Listing Marketing Expert-  Dedicated on the best technology to provide the cutting edge  marketing strategies that set you apart for better results.

●     Preparation Specialist-  Exceptional skills tackling the to do list before the sell of a home. Ex. Assessing cosmetic repairs, maintenance, clean up, vender services, special features, pre-marketing, price evaluation and helping clients keep to a reasonable budget.

●     Negotiations Expert- Years of experience reviewing and understanding contracts plus attending weekly continuing education and training to stay on the forefront of a forever changing industry.

●     Buyer Accredited Specialist-  Helping buyers have all the facts they need so they feel educated, comfortable and prepared to move forward making a confident and sound decision.

●     Listing Specialist-  Proven sells record at 98% of list price for under the overall average days on market and proven track record as a listing specialist in the Cedar Park/Leander area.

●    Accredited Marketing Specialist- Using cutting edge marketing tools and strategies with a proven track record.​

●    Awards and Recognitions:    Heart beat award, Realty Austin,  Team Spirit Award, Realty Austin,  Community Service Award, Homecity 2018, Silver producer Award -BHGRE-Homecity 2019



Real Estate is a very interesting industry. 

It's kind of like sea turtles.  Sea turtles come to the shore and lay 1000's of eggs for the hopes that one day, they will hatch and make a journey returning back to the sea, BUT the hard truth is only one may survive!  Did you know that there are 18,000 agents in the Austin area BUT only 1% of licensed agents are recognized as professionally making a living in real estate full time?   Its nice to have friends that offer discounts, but what services are they discounting you?  Choosing the right agent for you matters.  Here are some questions to consider...

  1. Are they a full time or part time agent?

  2. Do they have current referrals, testimonials, or internet reviews?

  3. What areas do they specialize in?

  4. Are they available for your schedule?

  5. Have you reviewed their services?

  6. Have you checked ABOR to see if they have had any complaints?

Family Viewing House
Concrete Porch
Bright Living Room
Modern Kitchen


What hours work best for you and your family?  Dori is a full time agent and is flexible as needed however, it is vital to sync up what times work best for your active schedules.  Here are some best practices that have worked for past client....  

Dori's week day schedule with clients:

By phone

Dori's preferred phone hours of operation are 9am to 5pm during the week and offers evening check ins  after 8:30pm with current clients.   Texting is best for a quicker response.

Client home tours during the week

Most clients meet during the week at their lunch time or leave early from their work day to tour homes during the work week.  

Week day break times

Dori tries to take a lunch break normally from 12-1pm and  1 afternoon break from 3:30pm to 4:30pm during the week to get her son Jacob from school and welcome her middle schooler, Ambri back home. Dori is available to tour homes most days during this time with notice as needed. 

Dori's weekend schedule with clients:

To ensure Dori is available to tour homes on the weekends, it’s best to schedule a week in advance when at all possible. 

Tour times

Saturdays are great touring days with buyers!  Best times suggested are from 10:30am to 1:30pm or 2:30pm to 5:30pm.

How many homes should I tour?

Most clients want to see about 5 properties in a tour. Have a good breakfast or lunch.  

Dori's days off:

Sundays - Dori requests Sundays off to honor a day of rest with her family, but if you need to tour homes on Sundays, no worries, just give notice .  Dori's  assistant showing agent will be available to help you.

Mondays-  Are set aside for in house work day tp prepare for the week.  If you need to see a home, just text Dori her assistant will help you.



Relationships are what are most important to me.  It is my goal that you feel I treated you like family and would trust me with your loved ones too.  I hope you will join me.

  • Annual client appreciation party

  • Weekly Client gift card drawings

  • Happy Birthday cupcakes

  • Monthly client lunch

  • Quarterly surprise mailer

  • Dori goes to every closing





It has been my joy, along with my family to lead a neighborhood and school food drive to support Feed the Community food pantry in the North Austin area.  You will find me there every Wednesday morning with a smile on my face!



There is UNITY in Community and it takes a community to make a difference...  One of the most valuable lesson I have earned about serving others, is how not to do it all. Every year as a RE agent I use my career gifting to support my community and create an atmosphere of teamwork where everyone can exercise giving.  It is a blessing and I get way more then I give every time.

●     Active Volunteer for Feed The Community food pantry.
●     Active spearhead for annual food drives each year along with her husband Bryan and children, neighborhood volunteers and school volunteers.
●     Active Gateway fellowship leadership team.
●     Active Neighborhood events volunteer.
●     Past involvement includes affordable housing projects with Foundations Community and Habitat for Humanity and making breakfast for Ronald McDonald parents.


(512) 917-7310

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