"The reason why any consumer asks for service discounts, is because they did not find or understand your value." 

The go giver, The Ninja agent



BUYER CONSULTATIONS - It's so fun!  Enjoy a free cup of coffee/desert with Dori and she will review the buying process, contracts and answer any questions you might have proactively so you feel prepared and confident.  Happy House hunting we go!

●     Free buyer’s guide.   

●     Set up a Property search with specific criteria so we are keeping a pulse on the market.   

●     Preview  properties listings, neighborhoods and new home communities upon request.

●    Request Dori’s detailed List of Services for buyers. 


Dori is especially well known as a preferred listing specialist in the Cedar Park/Leader area

●     Listing presentation packets - Dori drops off a detailed listing packet to your doorstep. This is before the listing gathering at your home to review value and marketing strategies.
●     Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA). Home value reports.
●     Free  seller’s guide.
●     Do you want an annual neighborhood review?  Get a snapshot of your SOLD homes in your neighborhood. Great for protesting taxes.
●     Set up an auto property search to stay on top of the market in your neighborhood.  
●   Request Dori’s  Listing services.


You are out driving around on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and you decide to just have a little peak at the model home and maybe "browse" a few new home communities...  The very nice sales representative greets you, offers you a beverage and shares a wealth of information about the builder, all the incentives and you are ready to sign a contract, right?   The truth is, Mr or Ms. Sales representative solely works for the builder and does not support your best interest.  Builders also can not give you agent commissions.   Let me buy you lunch and I can tell you all about it.

  • New build packets.   It will include an IBS form to show the builder, my cards, an agreement and a buyer's check list that you are a ready , willing and able buyer. 

  • New build guides

  • Review the build phases

  • proactively preview the contract 

  • negotiate any other terms

  • offer a neighborhood CMA to compare pricing.

  • organized third party inspections and any phase inspections.

  • design appointments

review.  It's on me!



THE DORI BEFORE.... Was a home stager!  Yes, before I got my RE license, I would live in vacant listings, stage them and help them sell faster.  I offer FREE home staging consultations for my clients.

Please watch my utube channel for more ideas about staging, spacing furniture, remodeling ideas and more!  



(512) 917-7310

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